Luxury guest house in Cianciana, Sicily


Cianciana, Sicily is in the middle valley of the Platani river and a province of Agrigento which is approximately 45km away.

According to historical records the first town in the area known as La Ferla, was built in 1269 and its most likely destruction would have been by earthquake. Cianciana itself was founded on October 4 1646 as Sant’ Antonio di Cianciana under the aegis of the Joppolo feudal family.Cianciana is 390 metres above sea level facing the Mediterranean which is about a 25 minute car ride. There are no traffic jams here just breath taking scenery as you take a leisurely drive through woods, vineyards, olive groves, Almond and citrus orchards and so much more.

After the second world war many Ciancianese families travelled abroad seeking employment and a better way of life. Today there are hard working and thriving communities to be found throughout mainland Europe, the UK and as far away as America, Canada and Australia. However, because of strong family bonds many thousands return to Cianciana with friends every year and during the summer months this beautifully quiet agricultural town bursts into life and becomes a town that seemingly never sleeps.

Over the past few years the uniqueness of Cianciana has attracted dozens of overseas buyers and an ever increasing number choose Cianciana as their permanent residence creating a new multi cultural society. There’s still plenty of room for more people and with town houses in need of refurbishment being sold for as little as 10,000 Euro ( ) I am very confident that this phenomena will continue, but hopefully not for too long since I would hate for Cianciana to lose its unique identity on what is probably the last unspoilt island in Europe.
There is so much I could write about Cianciana with its beautiful historical churches, an abundance of amazing sandy beaches just a short drive away, nearby large towns like Sciacca or the City of Agrigento with its Valley of the Temples (a World Heritage site) and even a world class golf course, that I’ve decided not to go further but to invite you to visit the Comune Di Cianciana’s own web site which will start you off on the road to discover a land that time has almost forgot.

Looking forward to seeing you in Cianciana.


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